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Brand-new video for Plump DJs' electro banger 'U Belong 2 Us'

'U Belong 2 Us', the latest track from London-based duo Plump DJs, avoids subtleties entirely, as ringing synths and upbeat vocal samples lead to a gigantic electro bass drop. If you're looking for a club banger, this is the track for you.

Plump DJs, comprised of Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, have been producing together since the late '90s. Having released an array of well-known tracks and remixes, the duo know how to produce a hit.

With 'U Belong 2 Us', they have released perhaps their biggest banger yet — bombarding you with a heavy-handed electro drop that is impossible to miss.

The video for the track features dynamic shots of both nature and buildings, as vocal samples from Juliette Ashby and a hammering bass rattle throughout.

The striking video is directed by Rich Garner, who was inspired by the Orwellian nature of CCTV.

“The video is saying you belong to us in a George Orwell, Big Brother is watching kind of way, but also asks the question are we going too far with all the security and CCTV? Perhaps the answer is yes and we are twisting the world into unnatural shapes and colours. As a result there is a deliberately painful contrast between nature and urban scenes in this video,” says Garner about the video.

If you enjoy the track, you can purchase it here.

Be sure to watch the video for 'U Belong 2 Us' below: 

Words: Josh Molskness