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What You Wearing?

Kos tells us where it's at... fashion-wise...

What are you wearing right now?

T-shirt by Maharishi, jeans by Diesel and Adidas classic trainers. I am in LA airport on a connection from NYC to Sydney Australia so it's comfort rather than style for today!

Favourite labels / designers?

I like mostly Japanese and Italian designers. I recently discovered Maharishi and Rogan. I am playing Womb in Tokyo for the first time in a few weeks and I have 3 days to go shopping so I am looking forward to finding new designers that I haven't yet come across.

How do you shop?

I never shop online - I did before and I always got the size wrong! I always try and shop when I am playing overseas so that I am not wearing the same clothes as everyone else. London is great for shopping but it tends to be very high street orientated and lacking the individual boutiques which I find when I am in other countries.

Favourite boutique or store?

At home in London I only shop at Selfridges - I can spend hours in there. Overseas I like Bathing Ape in Tokyo, St Xavier in Sydney - and just yesterday I went on a shopping spree in New York City - there are lots of great boutique shops in the Soho district which I can't remember the names but I am sure my bank manager does by now!

Most treasured item and why?

My Diesel Lemming jeans. I have a few pairs of Diesel, but I bought these 3 years ago and they are the best cut I have ever had. They are almost falling apart now because Nic Fanciulli's crazy sausage dog Max loves to play with the rips - to the point where they are now almost hanging off me. Soon I will be looking like a Bros fan!

Favourite site?

BBC football!! Sorry I know that is boring but it is my homepage!

What are you up to?

I am currently on the 'One+One' world tour with James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli where I play before them at every show. This will run until the end of the summer and then I will continue with my own solo gigs. Production-wise my collaboration with Sam Ball, 'Kaiser' and 'Saccharine' is out now on Definitive Recordings and there are lots more releases to come throughout the summer.