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World’s biggest synth collection seeks to open public Playroom

This is a Kickstarter we can really get behind...

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to open the world's largest synth collection to the public.

Based in a former beer factory in the Swiss university city of Fribourg, the Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music AKA SMEM seeks to create The Playroom, a place dedicated to "learning about, playing with, and sharing the incredible history of electronic music instruments."

Covering more than 70 years of technology, the center is home to around 1000 synthesizers and over 5000 other objects including effects, organs, tape echoes, drum machines and more.

The non-profit organisation said, "We believe that the best way to share such an unparalleled collection is through experiencing it firsthand. The Playroom will be a beautiful open space created for people to take advantage of the huge SMEM collection. Here we’ll also host lectures, workshops, classes, and more. And for a hands-on experience, The Playroom can be rented for private recordings, events, and parties."

Learn more about the project and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here.

[via: The Vinyl Factory]