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Brian Coney
10 April 2024, 13:40

Drug-safety and harm reduction initiative for UK nightlife, Safer States, launches

It's a collaborative effort by the Good Night Out Campaign, Release, Safe Only Ltd and The Love Tank


A new initiative, Safer States, has been introduced in the UK to address drug safety and harm reduction in nightlife settings.

Launched as a collaborative effort between the Good Night Out Campaign, Release, Safe Only Ltd and The Love Tank, Safer States aims to provide essential harm-reduction information and challenge the stigma surrounding drug use.

The project acknowledges the prevalent role of drugs in nightlife and sets out to empower individuals with knowledge to make safer choices. With a focus on popular recreational drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, ketamine and nitrous oxide, Safer States aims to equip individuals with life-saving information.

"Drugs are a part of nightlife. They always have been, and whether you use them or not, they aren't going anywhere. It's high time we got informed," said the Good Night Out Campaign via Instagram.

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Andre Gomes, representing Release, emphasised to Resident Advisor the importance of providing information and tools for individuals to stay safe.

"Most of the harms around drug use can be reduced if people are given the information and tools to stay safe," he said. "And while our government continues to criminalize drugs and people's ability to ensure their wellbeing, we need to step up our game and protect our own community."

Safer States encourages individuals to access further information and resources on their website.

The initiative comes a month on from new warnings from UK harm reduction and drug-checking organisations said that the current UK drug market is in "crisis" and could escalate to a "fentanyl-style epidemic".

Back in February, drug-checking charity The Loop announced a series of drug testing and harm reduction training courses.