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“Melodic and emotional electronic dance and chill out.”
Best known for: 
“‘Where Do We Begin’ and ‘Frozen Roads’ chillout albums.”
Tune of the year: 
“Cosmic Gate ‘Yai (Here We Go Again)’.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“Mixing and reading a crowd is starting to sound old school, as most DJs in the EDM scene prefer to be showmen."
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“Dare we say this is only the beginning? After the boom in America, the way we see it is that the Asian market is surely looking as bright as ever.”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“Too much flying makes it impossible to keep up a good physique, and also messes up your time with your loved ones and family."
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“Innocent children with whatever problem.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“The Government in Canada.”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“Let’s hope for an increase of women DJs who are music- rather than image-related. That said, one has to mention the great skills of Monika Kruse and Nicole Moudaber in the techno scene.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
“It’s not news that a lot of DJs are manufactured nowadays. One can have great skills in DJing and not in producing, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”