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DJ Mag
21 March 2024, 16:41

General Levy 'Incredible', the making of a timeless jungle anthem

General Levy shares the story behind his and M-Beat's unstoppable hit, 'Incredible', on the year of its 30th anniversary

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This is the story of General Levy and M-Beat's unstoppable hit, 'Incredible', on the year of its 30th anniversary.

Originally released in 1994, Levy's vocals — which he laid down in just one take — have transcended generations to become some of the most recognisable lyrics within dance music. Here, General Levy explains how he went against his label's advice to work on the track, the story of its subsequent chart success, the impact of featuring in Ali G, and the story behind that iconic 1Xtra moment.

Levy also explains the track had a detrimental impact on his career following its release, and that he is allegedly yet to receive any royalties from it.

Electronic music history is rich with unforgettable and timeless classics like these. In our Making Of A Dance Classic series, DJ Mag explores the tales behind some of the world's favourite tracks, told by the people that made them. You can watch the episode above, and subscribe to DJ Mag's YouTube channel for more exclusive content here.

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