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Dance music
Best known for: 
[Being] one-third of Swedish House Mafia and boss of Size Records.
Tune of the year: 
'Don't You Worry Child' [final SHM single].
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2012: 
Third Party
If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be: 
Batman. He lives by night!
Should you play to the crowd or for yourself: 
If you get big enough, the crowd is there to hear your choice - so therefore both.
What does EDM mean to you: 
It's short for Electronic Dance Music. But that's an American thing, we still call it dance music.
Should celebrities be DJs: 
If they feel like it... there are no rules to what we do, that's why we do this. Whatever rocks their boat.
Have you ever been thrown off the decks: 
Are you a DJ if you don't beat match: 
Yes, you're a song selector. Traditional radio DJs have never beat matched and they're still respected
Where's the next dance music capital: 
Asia is coming strong!