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Acid house, techno, breaks and progressive
Best known for: 
Gadgets, bad hair and Nesquik.
Tune of the year: 
Pole Folder 'Hollow (Babicz Saturn Rings Remix)' (La Tour)
Gig of 2009: 
"Closing the Space terrace on my birthday in Ibiza sticks out."
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: 
Tom Budden. His 'Tree Dance' record was massive with so many tech-house DJs.
The track that changed your life: 
Joey Beltram's 'Energy Flash' turned my head from Seattle grunge to rave.
What makes a good DJ great: 
If a DJ can polish a walrus whilst unicycling and mixing on five decks, well, that would be impressive!
Most underrated DJ: 
Dave Robertson
Biggest challenge this year: 
"Trying to remain healthy whilst travelling so much. Next year I've promised myself more sleep, staying alive is quite important to me.
Top tech toy: 
The CDJ-2000. It\'s a Rolls Royce of a machine. The convenience of being able to have your music in any digital form - whether that\'s a USB, SD card, hard drive, laptop, CDs or digestive biscuit - is a truly wonderful thing.