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Premiere: darkmavis & sweet philly ‘Stabbed’

Dublin’s darkmavis & sweet philly sprinkle radiant melodies and glitter over hardcore breaks on their ‘Euphore’ EP. Hear ‘Stabbed’ now

Dublin’s darkmavis and sweet philly will release a new EP, ‘Euphore’, this week. 

The duo’s debut collaboration takes vintage breakbeat hardcore and jungle foundations and sprinkles them with radiant melodies and glitter. Across five tracks, the pair introduce uplifting pop and trance flair onto hefty club beats, shooting straight for ecstatic dancefloor moments. The results are irresistible. You can hear ‘Stabbed’ from the EP below. 

darkmavis released a collaborative EP with fellow Dubliner sohotsospicy via his own Talamh Records earlier this year, while sweet philly contributed to the debut compilation for City Imp Records in April. 

‘Euphore’ will be released this Friday 26th November. Pre-order it here