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Selections: Jaymie Silk

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Jaymie Silk spotlights tracks packed with rave energy and irresistible grooves

Jaymie Silk is on fire right now. In fact, the Paris-based DJ and producer has never really cooled off since first lighting up our radar with his ‘Diasporave’ EP series for Pelican Fly back in 2020. That turbo-charged, genre-splicing collection made way for the deeper sounds of the much-lauded ‘The Legend Of Jack Johnson’ EP, his ‘Young, Broke And Fabulous’ album — where glossy riffs met syncopated beats and industrial noise — and the hypnotic club tracks of the ‘909 & Heartbreak’ EP in 2021.

The following year, his ‘The Rise & Fall Of Jaymie Silk & Rave Culture’ LP for Shall Not Fade added elements of prog and disco into the mix of emotive house, driving techno and intricate breakbeats that he’s become known to flit between, and there’s been so much more since. 2023 alone has seen a particularly strong run. In May, his ‘Let’s Be Lovers’ EP for HE.SHE.THEY. repurposed ballroom’s sensuality and East Coast club chops for sweaty techno floors, while July’s incredible ‘GHETTO CARNIVAL’ slammed down triumphant, frenetic percussion for the summer season — a vibe continued on his storming ‘Free The Nip’ EP for Sous Music in August. 

Throughout it all, he’s forefronted Black history both in and outside of electronic music, while seeking out bold new sonic combinations. Here he picks out 10 tracks infused with similar ecstatic rave energy and irresistible grooves. Dive in below.

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jahanam x Haydn
‘Need 4 Speed’ [UMAY]

“This track is what you call a banger. It’s jahanam singing on a Haydn track, M.I.A.-style. It def could be part of the soundtrack of the next Fast & Furious. It’s rave, fierce, good mood and punk at the same time.”

Bored Lord
‘3213123’ [Self-released]

“I’m a big lover of Bored Lord’s music. People consider me hyper-productive, but they should look at her work. I interviewed her for my monthly show on Refuge Worldwide, Real Talk, and it was cool to know more about her music-making process: just follow the flow. She releases new music very often and it’s always top quality. If you love breaks, pads, vocals, that’s the perfect EP to take you to another place. The kind of music I love to listen to at home, or during a subway ride.”

‘Intrinsic Drive’ [Mutual Rytm]

“I really love the releases on Mutual Rytm — groovy and percussive techno. This Chlär EP is a good representation of this ’90s hardgroove flavour that I’ve loved playing a lot recently.”

AK Sports
‘Heaven’ [RAW]

“From the new compilation of a French collective I discovered recently. I was surprised to see this kind of music pushed by people based in France, so it’s super refreshing for me. Less techno and percussive than the other tracks on this compilation, this by AK Sports is like a dream in music, with the vaporous piano notes and vocals and this catchy acid bassline.”

Beau Didier
‘Booty Shake’ [Self-released]

“Just the track name says it all. If you don’t feel the need to move when you hear this, stop listening to music.”

‘You Better Work’ [Self-released]

“Cunty vibe. ABSOLUTE. used the vocals of RuPaul from the track ‘Supermodel’; this is just pure energy. This track is just a pure moment of fun. It reminds me of the festive atmosphere of the ballroom scene where I grew up as Jaymie Silk.”

‘Silky Tool’ [Self-released]

“A tool by the duo BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL based on the disco classic ‘You Make Me Feel’ by Sylvester. Definitely a weapon for your groovy techno sets.”

Eliza Rose & The Martinez Brothers
‘Pleasure Peak’ [Rosebud Recordings / One House]

“If you wanna talk about earworms, it’s difficult to do better than Eliza Rose. The house track produced by The Martinez Brothers sounds like summertime, and the hook by Eliza is infectious. It was looping in my head all summer.”

DJ Fuckoff
‘Outro / plz disembark x’ [Body Language Berlin]

“This is the outro of the last DJ Fuckoff LP and that’s a shame. A shame that this track is so short! I need to loop it and make a six-minute edit, because it’s such a vibe. Not electronic music at all, but a groovy, hip-hop, reggae-influenced jazzy track. I guess DJ Fuckoff sings on this one, and that’s sooooooooooo goooooood. The Roots type of shit.”

Big J
‘BrokeFk’ [Self-released]

“A cool track to play by Baltimore artist JiaLing to remember my club music roots, that started my techno/house music journey.”