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Selections: Manni Dee

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Manni Dee spotlights forward-thinking rave rhythms from across the globe

As a DJ and producer, Manni Dee’s approach to music balances brutality with rhythmic experimentation, trippy melodies and leftfield musicality. His 2021 album for Perc Trax, ‘A Low Level Love’, signalled something of a rebirth for the artist, who took the hammering techno he’s become known for behind booth, and embellished it with bold flourishes of ambient music, sinister trance and ferocious, fast-paced industrial music. 

It’s an evolutionary energy he adapted further on ‘The World Goes On Without You’, the debut EP on his newly minted Silk + Steel label. It’s an apt name for the imprint, where ravenous, rave-ready techno beats cohabit with high-definition melodic passages and velvety bass swoops. Paying tribute to his roots in hip-hop production, ‘The Remedy’ flits from techno into drill and back again, with vocals by Chinese-Nigerian-UK rapper Di-Vincent; ‘Pillow Princess’ takes cues from the melodic maximalism of hyperpop while retaining a tough techno backbone. 

An artist who’s constantly developing, it’s an ethos that’s captured in Manni Dee’s Selections, which take in forward-thinking rave rhythms from across the globe. Dive in below. 

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‘GOOD GIRLS // BAD GIRLS’ [Steel City Dance Discs]

“‘Go Backstage’ is the stand out track on here for me. Sick production with a few influences fusing together.”

‘Lost Cuts’

“So many amazing edits on this release. It’s a goldmine. KAVARI is one of the most innovative producers around at the moment.”


“I’ve been trying to sneak ‘Ayshay’ by Van Boom & Oldyungmayn from this release into my sets. Very cool release featuring a variety of forward thinking electronic sounds.”

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr
‘Speed Dembow Vol.II’ [WAJANG]

“I’m really into South American and Spanish rhythms at the moment. This EP manages to fuse those aspects with a techno influence really well.”

‘DBGI002’ [Dudbridge Garage International]

“I heard ALVVA play ‘O O O’ from this EP at Jyoty’s Homegrown party in London. I’ve been in love with it ever since.”

‘REALITY CHECK 2’ [Gyration Station]

“Another great comp from the Gyration Station crew. Loads of groovy stuff and breaks on here. Stand out tracks for me are ‘Hyperflange’ by DJ Angeldu$t and ‘Delightful Postpone’ by NXV.”

‘Piroca de Metal’

“Amazing Brazilian industrial track I’ve been playing in my sets. Hammering drums with a pitched down vocal.”

‘The Ooga Boogie EP’ [Sorry Records]

“Fast and funky techno with a footwork influence from New York, sick release. I’ve been playing 'Shake It' in some of my DJ sets.”


“Fire compilation. I heard ‘Bosque sin Arboles’ in a mix by Valerie Ace for Endlec’s Unleash Your Energy mix series. It prompted me to check out the release, some wild stuff on here.”

‘SAMPLER’ [Hard Electronic]

“Some techno and hardcore legends on here. ‘Drumslip (Ind.Ex Remix)’ by Carl Carinci & Linus Petrovic is the one I’ve been playing. Nice slab of groovy techno.”

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