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Selections: Rachiid Paralyzing

In this series, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Colombia’s Rachiid Paralyzing spotlights tracks “with a unique and exceptional level of composition”, from breathless 2-step and techno, to intricate IDM, breaks and ambient

When it comes to Rachiid Paralyzing’s restless strain of club music, the devil is in the details. His recent double EP for Artificio, ‘Mega Tempo’ is a labyrinth of intricate polyrhythms and highly-textured, babbling electronics, fitted together with the kind of meticulous precision best appreciated in the earlier stages of the rave.

Based out of Barranquilla – a bustling seaport city on Colombia’s Magdalena River – the producer, DJ and sound artist has been honing his all-tabs-open sound since 2021. Early releases for Idriss D’s Memento label saw him experiment across the margins of brain dance, ambient, glitch, bass and more, before he settled on Medellín-based imprint Artificio to really test the limits of his ‘maximal dance’ sound. (Give ‘Sudor’ a listen, we dare you)

It’s no surprise Rachiid Paralyzing is also a menace behind the decks. Earlier this month, he tore up the rulebook for a bonkers bass set at El Rio Hostel, alongside Interstellar Funk, Leeon and Moritz III, shortly after repping Barranquilla at the club’s annual multi-day bonanza.

With festival season approaching, he shows no signs of slowing down. His new Bandcamp-only singles ‘Mika (Brain Mix)’ and ‘Koi Dance’ are genuinely hair-raising, crafted from an inventory of terse dembow rhythms and energetic arps with a sprinkling of staccato drum work to really scramble the senses. In his Selections, Rachiid Paralyzing spotlights releases with that same exceptional attention to detail, from breathless 2-step and techno, to otherworldly IDM, breaks and ambient.

Dive in below, and keep an eye out for a feast of new collaborations and remixes on the way.

Soda Plains ‘Living with Elvis’

“From ‘No Fear’ to their last release, I didn't leave Soda Plains alone,  and this album is simply a masterful odyssey of their sound. I always play ‘Mercia’.”

Money Lang ‘$23’ [SLA16]

“Before as Chevel and now as Moneylang,  for me, he’s one of those artists who breaks the rules. His releases are master classes.”

Jlin ‘Akoma’ [Planet Mu]

“My first reaction when I heard Jlin was sublime. Her sound is exceptional. Not everyone can understand what she does; it is too beautiful.”

Errorsmith ‘Superlative Fatigue’ [PAN]

“Errorsmith is from the school of advanced glitch sound. This massive album from 2017 on PAN blew everyone’s mind.”

Skee Mask ‘It Danza’ [Ilian Tape]

“Papi, What can I tell you? Pfff, it's addictive. I just love it.”

Mike Paradinas ‘Lunatic Harness (25th Anniversary Edition)’ [Planet Mu]

“There is not much to say other than: ‘One of my great influences in electronic music’.”

Sam Goku ‘Things We See When We Look Closer’ [Permanent Vacation]

“Sam’s sound design on this album is... out of control. A virtuoso.”

TSVI & Loraine James ‘053’ [AD93]

“I’m a person who listens to this kind of stuff in the morning haha, IDM/Ambient contemplative. PDA: it was one of my favourite albums of 2022.”

Pariah ‘Prism’ [R&S]

“I discovered this track almost seven years ago. Now, it is an essential for me.  Those vocals, my god. You stay frozen in time.”

James Massiah ‘Charlie’ [LEVELS]

“From now on, I am a faithful fan of James Massiah. I listened to his song ‘Charlie’ recently. He is a newfound and pleasant discovery for me.”