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TSHA: Desert Island Kit

TSHA's wonderfully wonky sound on her new single 'Moon' reflects the delightfully varied nature of her DJ sets, weaving between electro, house, disco and garage references, she's one of the UK's most exciting new talents. We spoke to her to find out what piece of studio gear she can't live without. 

"This is a modern tribute to the Sequential Prophet-5, which was really popular in the ’80s," TSHA says. "I really like using it for brass as there’s a 'Slop' control that reduces the tuning stability and gives things a wonky feel. I really enjoy being able to mess around on it without having to rely on a computer. The presets aren’t great but thankfully it’s pretty easy to make it sound good.

"Originally I wanted a Juno but was worried about the maintenance involved in a 35-year-old synth. I decided to go with something more modern even if it was a lot more expensive. Once I heard James Blake used something similar the decision was made. It’s played a part in every song I’ve released so it’s earned its keep!"

"Most of the synths in my last single 'Moon' are from the Prophet. It’s such an inspiring synth to write on and I prefer recording the modulation by hand. A good alternative is the Arturia Prophet-5 VST. Sometimes I’ll just use this instead of recording the hardware if I need to save time. Apparently u-he’s Repro is really good too."