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Eoin Murray
11 July 2022, 13:02

Premiere: ABADIR ‘Irreversible’

ABADIR serves club music alchemy on his new album for SVBKVLT, splicing jungle, dancehall, Jersey Club and footwork with Arabic instrumentation and Maqsoum rhythms

Premiere: ABADIR ‘Irreversible’

ABADIR will release a new album, ‘Mutate’, via Shanghai’s SVBKVLT this month. Listen to ‘Irreversible’ below. 

There’s an alchemical quality to the Cairo-born, Berlin-based artist’s new nine-tracker, which follows his 2021 album on Genot Centre, ‘Pause/Stutter/Uh/Repeat’. By splicing elements of jungle, dancehall, Jersey Club and footwork with Arabic rhythms and instrumentation, he creates a kaleidoscopic fusion of sounds that blurs the boundaries of genre, and feels genuinely original.

Throughout ‘Mutate’, heart-racing breaks and syncopated beats weave around sped-up Maqsoum percussion. It’s a rhythmic blend that ABADIR first discovered while DJing, and breakneck cuts like ‘Another One’ and ‘Irreversible’ feel charged with the live, channel-chopping adrenaline of the rave. Wind and string samples surf on the jolting drum patterns of ‘Bass Belly’ and ‘Blame it on SUTRA’, while ‘Drifting Rituals’ and ‘Mutate’ toss chopped-up vocals into the mix. ABADIR’s knack for hi-def electronic sound collage shines in ‘El 3ataba Interlude’ and ‘Ya Nasim’, creating moments of abstract bliss in an album of thrilling club music. 

‘Mutate’ will be released on 22nd July. Pre-order it here