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Eoin Murray
1 March 2023, 11:31

Premiere: ABSL ‘Lapin Blanc’

Parisian producer ABSL returns to Anetha’s Mama told ya with a haunting techno LP inspired by sleep paralysis

Blurred photo of ABSL standing in front of a wall
Credit: Estelle Chauffour

ABSL will release a new album, ‘It’s just a bad dream’, via Anetha’s Mama told ya label. Listen to ‘Lapin Blanc’ below. 

Inspired by his experience of recurring sleep paralysis and nightmares, the Parisian producer’s 10-track debut LP balances shadowy ambient compositions fit for a horror film with haunting, hammering techno that fans of the label will relish in. Menacing melodies on tracks like ‘Up!’, ‘Lapin Blanc’ and the Anetha collaboration ‘Boa Dormant’ mirror the creature that lurks under the bed on the album’s artwork, while beatless works like ‘La Bouche Pleine De Dents’ swell with sinister energy. 

"’Lapin Blanc’ is a direct reference to the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland,” ABSL says, “In this album where everything is connected to the dreamworld and nightmares, ‘Lapin Blanc’ invites us into one bottomless hole: through pitch variations of the bassline, you could experience an endless fall. Hard to say whether we go up or down into this rabbit hole, time is twisted, and you feel vertigo all along the track."

‘It’s just a bad dream’ will be released on 10th March. Pre-order it here.