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Olivia Stock
3 April 2024, 13:06

Premiere: Adam BFD ‘Untitled For Now’

Adam BFD touches down on his Studio Goncourt imprint with a pair of intricate club portraits crafted from strands of breakbeat, deep house, post-dubstep and more

Photo of Adam BFD wearing a white cap and white shirt

Adam BFD will release a new two-track EP, ‘Untitled For Now / We Must’, later this week. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Untitled For Now’ below.

Arriving via the Paris-based producer’s newly-minted Studio Goncourt imprint, the project weaves warm basslines and subaquatic synths into intricate club portraits, drawing on the most hypnotic strands of bass, breaks, deep house and more.

Shuffling percussion meets stuttered vocal samples on balmy late-night roller ‘Untitled For Now’, whilst B-sider ‘We Must’ is the Frenchman’s elegant ode to the post-dubstep era. Think sparse, syncopated rhythms layered beneath a lustrous diva vocal.

In between, there’s all the moments of intimate ambience you’d expect from an Adam BFD project – and which came to define his sound on the ‘Rose’ EP – paired with a growing sense of spaciousness that can confidently be attributed to finding sanctuary on his own imprint.

Set up exclusively to house the full spectrum of his productions, ‘Untitled For Now / We Must’ marks the fourth release on Studio Goncourt following March’s ‘107 / Flashback’ EP, plus the singles ‘And You’ and ‘Just For’.

‘Untitled For Now / We Must’ is out 5th April via Studio Goncourt. Pre-order the EP here, and have an exclusive first listen to ‘Untitled For Now’ below.