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Eoin Murray
14 March 2022, 14:11

Premiere: Alec Pace ‘Lanes’

Turin’s Alec Pace returns to his early reflex label with three high-def, head-scrambling club cuts. Hear ‘Lanes’ now

Premiere: Alec Pace ‘Lanes’

Turin’s early reflex founder Alec Pace returns this month with his first solo outing since 2020. ‘Future Now?’ will be released on 25th March. You can hear the track ‘Lanes’ below. 

Following 2021 releases from the likes of Ikävä Pii, Sobolik, Lorica and BENN, as well as a second V/A comp, Alec Pace offers up three high-def, head-scrambling club cuts. The opening title track is an explosion of drums and freewheeling LFO modulations, with shrapnell breakbeats and hailstone hi-hats crashing around its android vocal refrain. 

‘Lanes’ keeps the momentum going with a revved-up crescendo that stretches to a dizzy peak. ‘Permutations’ dives into a black hole of modified vocals and bubbling, syncopated beats. This is leftfield techno at its wildest. No soundsystem is safe.

Pre-order ‘Future Now?’ here.