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Premiere: Big Miz ‘Where I Belong (LUXE Remix)’

London’s LUXE rounds out the new EP from Big Miz with a slippery breaks revamp of title track, ‘Where I Belong’

LUXE sitting on a steel bar fence in front of a blue mesh fence near some railway arches. She's wearing a dark blue top with red horizal and vertical stripes, grey blue trousers and white trainers

Big Miz will release a new EP, ‘Where I Belong’, early next month via HOMAGE. Listen to LUXE’s remix of the title track below.

Coming off the back of releases on labels including Dansu Discs, along with his very own Miz Records, the Glaswegian powerhouse producer continues to hone his dexterous mode of trancey house and techno with an acidic zing.

His newest EP – out  6th October – arrives via NYC party-turned-label HOMAGE, and boasts five appropriately sleek, trippy cuts of club music. On the title track, Miz warms up with a web of trance-infused pads and deep house toplines, twinned with a choppy rap vocal, while ‘Everything Is Fine’ finds the producer leaning back into the more acidic margins of his catalogue. Not finished with the genre-hopping, ‘The Feeling’ draws inspiration from classic house records, needling chunky kick drums and uplifting vocal samples with big siren synths.

The EP closer comes courtesy of burgeoning London artist LUXE, who released her 'Mineral & Moss' EP on Planet Euphorique earlier this year. A classically trained flautist, the producer brings a clinical precision to her productions. On ‘HOMAGE025’, she comes through with a slippery breaks revamp of the Big Miz original, loaded with undulating synths, acrobatic FX, and a charismatic energy we can’t wait to hear more of.

Revisit LUXE’s Get To Know here.

‘Where I Belong’ is out 6th October via HOMAGE. Pre-order the EP here. Listen exclusively to the LUXE remix below.