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Eoin Murray
21 September 2022, 17:59

Premiere: Blvksite ‘Tap’

Washington D.C.’s Blvksite step up on Black Techno Matters with a selection of thunderous club rhythms

Premiere: Blvksite ‘Tap’

Blvksite will release a self-titled EP via Black Techno Matters next month. Listen to ‘Tap’ below. 

The Washington D.C. twins – Drew and Justin Barini-Rivers – serve up three original cuts of thunderous techno for the label, which launched in 2021 with a mission to “reclaim techno as a manifestation of Black expression in a society that has oppressed it by creating spaces, both virtual and IRL, that celebrate the Black roots of techno”. Its seventh release is a testament to this mission, with each track feeling tailor-made for a different phase of the night, but potent and universal enough to hit hard on any dancefloor, at any time. 

From the hypnotic gallop and hallucinatory melody/vocal loops of ‘Vamos A Casa’, to the big-room-ready rumble of ‘Tap’ and tearaway rhythm of ‘Percolate’, these tracks slam. Paired with ace remixes from Jelani and Stukes (who released an EP for the label last year), it’s an absolute winner. 

The ‘Blvksite EP’ will be released on 14th October. Pre-order it here

Check out Black Techno Matters’ website here.