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Olivia Stock
8 February 2024, 14:09

Premiere: Boy Racer ‘URS&MINE’

London-based outfit Boy Racer (aka Sharpson and S.U.R.E.) serve up a suite of hi-octane trance anthems with a playful, lo-fi skew

Photo of Boy Racer wearing coloured race suits, caps and sunglasses
Credit: Fin Nichols

Boy Racer will release their self-titled debut EP next month. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘URS&MINE’ below.

Launched last month with inaugural single, ‘Kora’, and the hi-voltage follow-up ‘Every Step of The Way’, Boy Racer is the conceptual brainchild of Irish DJ and producer Sharpson and London-based breakbeat duo S.U.R.E.

Now, drawing inspiration from legendary trance compilations by the likes of Ministry of Sound and Gatecrashers, the trio are gearing up to release a suite of infectious anthems indebted to the genre’s golden era but with a playful, lo-fi skew.

“We love that classic Trance sound, but the three of us started DJing during the 00’s Electro Clash/Blog House boom when bands were bigger than the DJ’s,” said Sharpson of the project. “Every producer had their own live band to perform and they put together some sick live sets.”

He continued: “When we were discussing the future of Boy Racer, we all agreed that we wanted people to mosh at our shows but to high-tempo trance music. Think The Bloody Beetroots live band but playing tunes from the likes of Scooter.”

In suitably eccentric fashion, the trio’s debut EP winds from grooving 8-bit techno and uptempo trance (hear: ‘URS&MIND’), through to the lustral lo-fi and hyper-pop stylings of ‘Everything You Need’. Aesthetically, Boy Racer are similarly striking, sporting retro F1 boiler suits behind the decks, and dousing their releases in a trademark PS1-era rave energy. Tip!

Boy Racer’s self-titled debut EP is out 8th March. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘URS&MINE’ below.