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Premiere: Clemency ‘Girl Food’

Wisdom Teeth readies its new 10-track compilation, ‘To Illustrate’

Premiere: Clemency ‘Girl Food’

Wisdom Teeth is releasing a new compilation, 'To Illustrate',  this month. Listen to Clemency’s ‘Girl Food’ below. 

The Bristol-based label run by Facta and K-LONE enlisted artists from the Wisdom Teeth family at home and abroad to co-produce the collaborative album, which focuses on lower-tempo music around 100 BPM. The tracklist features artists including Miami's Nick Léon, Seoul-based Salamanda and abentis from Nagoya, Japan. Representing the UK are Henzo, Clemency, Yushh, Hussko, Glances, Iglew and the label heads themselves. 

Clemency’s track pulls from a similarly percussive quiver as her 2021 release, ‘Drum Circles Against Lamentation & The Crude Foyer’, on 2 B REAL, which drew influence from bleep and dub techno. ‘Girl Food’ skips about on a skeletal dembow beat, drawing you into its strange, pointilist atmosphere with an eerily distorted vocal. It’s a proper dancefloor sharpener. 

‘To Illustrate’ will be released on 25th November. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.