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Eoin Murray
3 February 2023, 10:23

Premiere: Cocktail Party Effect ‘The Police Took My Garden Away’

Cocktail Party Effect debuts on Nervous Horizon with five highly combustible club cuts

Premiere: Cocktail Party Effect ‘The Police Took My Garden Away’

East London label Nervous Horizon’s first release of the year comes from Cocktail Party Effect. The ‘Fixing the Roof’ EP will be released on 10th February. Listen to ‘The Police Took My Garden Away’ below. 

The Berlin-based, London-born producer and DJ follows appearances on labels including Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings and Sneaker Social Club with five cuts of highly combustible club tackle produced using a “bunch of battered vintage hardware”. Jumping comfortably into the syncopated step of the Nervous Horizon catalogue –  where artists like DJ Plead, Ehua and co-founder TSVI have thrived – CPE cranks up the distortion and delivers some of the hardest gear to grace the label in some time. 

Brutal bass and pummeling drums kick things off on ‘Fixing The Roof’, but not at the expense of its playfully animated NRG. The moody techno rumble of ‘Safety Button’ could tear the roof off a warehouse, while ‘767’ conjures the scattershot jungle dreamscapes of TSVI and Loraine James’ 2022 collaboration, ‘Observe’.

‘Gecko Slide’ lurches like an industrial techno skeleton, but there’s a faint, melodic heart glimmering in there somewhere. ‘The Police Took My Garden Away’ ends things on a furious note, all exploding drums, dubwise echos and bass growls condensed within an inch of their life. Absolutely massive.

Pre-order ‘Fixing the Roof’ here