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Olivia Stock
6 July 2023, 17:08

Premiere: Dee Diggs ‘Toss it (LADYMONIX Strut Remix)’

Dee Diggs’ debut single, arriving via Brooklyn’s toucan sounds, is soaked in the same rapturous house spirit as her DJ sets

Photo of Dee Diggs holding up her colourful nails and wearing white eyeshadow

Dee Diggs will release her debut single, ‘Toss It’, via Brooklyn’s toucan sounds on 7th July. Listen to ‘Toss it (LADYMONIX Strut Remix)’ below.

After touching down on toucan sounds with 2022’s ‘It Goes On (At The Afterparty)’, a collaboration with fellow New Yorkers Joey Mercedes and Brandon Markell Holmes, Diggs is back on the DJ Mag Best of North America breakthrough label nominee with her devilishly funky debut solo cut.

Inspired by the Black, queer roots of house music, Dee Diggs calls on these facets on her disco-house steamroller, ‘Toss It’. After a chugging percussive into, the DJ’s smoky vox materialise over glossy chords and a wiggly pop riff with an invitation to "set yourself free".

Citing the likes of Deee-Lite and Lady Miss Kier as key influences, the track cuts an arch through dance music’s past and present, imbuing the sunny sonic palette of '70s funk with a prodigal helping of soulful jazz realness. Yet in all its ear-worming and era-hopping, ‘Toss It’ never loses sight of the dancefloor — a credit to the years Diggs has spent behind the booth at NYC’s biggest and brightest queer parties.

On the flip, LADYMONIX’s ‘Strut Remix’ tightens up the snares and jacks up the bass, swerving through passages of bassy deep house, chunky techno, and groove-laden funk. Diggs’ vocals also get the remix treatment, becoming increasingly chopped-up and smoked-out as the cut descends into a dazzling dancefloor wig-out.

Reminiscing about the team-up on Instagram, Diggs shared: “This track is very inspired by Deee-Lite and Lady Miss Kier. Knowing Monica [LADYMONIX] as a Deee-Lite Superfan as well, it only felt right to get her stunning production skills on this.”

‘Toss it’ is out tomorrow via toucan sounds. Listen to the ‘LADYMONIX Strut Remix’ below.