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Eoin Murray
20 March 2024, 12:34

Premiere: Laenz ‘Choices’

Brooklyn’s Laenz delivers five cuts of hauntological club experimentation on Woozy, with a remix from Hemlock Recordings’ Untold

Photo of Laenz with her legs crossed looking out a window, with the light from outside shining on her face

Laenz will release a new EP, ‘After Sunset’, via the Woozy label this month. Listen to ‘Choices’ below.

The Brooklyn artist debuts on Ireland’s outpost for sound system experimentation with a five-tracker inspired by architecture and hauntology. Laenz conjures a dreamstate cityscape, manipulating environmental fragments around pillars of sub-bass and skeletal beats. This is uncanny club music, where unpredictable track structures reflect labyrinthine streets, swerving from deep dembow and warped techno into mind-melting dubstep. Fans of the Hessle/Timedance extended universe will love it, and Hemlock Recordings founder Untold even delivers a wicked remix to cap things off.

Laenz describes ‘Choices’ as “wobbly and fun, but there’s a real darkness from its inception that plays with the track’s spirited consistency. It captures the feeling of teetering on a cliff.”

‘After Sunset’ will be released on 29th March. Pre-order it here.

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