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Eoin Murray
18 March 2024, 14:47

Premiere: Diessa x Eyeza ‘Nuns With Guns’

Diessa and Eyeza serve up four supercharged tracks of Warhammer 40K-inspired breaks and bass on Infinite Machine

Left: press shot of Diesse lying on a sea moss covered rock wearing a black jumpsuit. Right: Eyeza posing in front of a blue curtain, holding his hand to his face

Diessa and Eyeza will release a new collaborative EP, ‘Warp Sharks’, via Mexico City’s Infinite Machine label this month. Listen to ‘Nuns With Guns’ below. 

Set for release on 29th March, the four-track release finds Sheffield-based Diessa – whose hyperactive club experiments have appeared on labels like early reflex, edited arts and All Centre – and Basilica collective member Eyeza on fantastical form, taking inspiration from the characters and lore of Warhammer 40K. It’s an ideal springboard for an Infinite Machine EP; the label has spent the past decade building a catalogue of supercharged club experiments imbued with sci-fi vibes.

Opener ‘Karandras’ is exactly that. Its opening minute conjures images of an interstellar ship powering up, all uncanny hoovers and buzzing electronics swirling around its shuddering kicks and cinematic synth arpeggio. When its thunderous breakbeat comes in, it’s all systems set to fuuuuck offfffffffff.

‘The Warp’ of the EP’s title refers to “an alternate dimension of chaos and psychic energy underlying the material universe” according to its accompanying text, and the rest of the release takes you right there. ‘Penitent Engine’ is another breakbeat-techno slammer propelled by sub-bass throbs and screeching distortion. ‘Warp Sharks’ takes a dubbier slant, like Basic Channel getting shot into a black hole, before ramping up the velocity once again.

It all ends on ‘Nuns With Guns’, a climactic peak of strange vocal glitches, bracing bass n’ breaks and frenzied kicks. Proper mad stuff.

You’ll be able to get ‘Warp Sharks’ through Infinite Machine’s Bandcamp.