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Eoin Murray
18 December 2023, 17:15

Premiere: Guchon ‘Don’t You’

Tokyo’s Guchon kicks off the year on Chrissy’s Maximum Airtime with three thumping house, breaks and techno tracks

Premiere: Guchon ‘Don’t You’

Chrissy’s Maximum Airtime label will kick off 2024 with a new EP from Tokyo's Guchon, ‘Piano Bros’. Listen to ‘Don’t You’ below. 

Since launching in August with his own collaboration with Mister Wallace, Chrissy’s imprint has captured his love for joyful, hi-NRG dance music. The San Francisco DJ and producer has, so far, released EPs from ABSOLUTE, Coco Cole, HARD TON and Nehuen. 

2024 looks set to maintain this momentum, with Guchon’s thumping club tracks matching the pace. ‘Piano Bros’ is a house anthem in the purest sense, its never-known-to-fail chords bouncing over fist-pumping drums and a delicious synth lead. 

‘Funky AI’ takes a moodier route, with crunchy breaks and ravey chirrups slotting neatly into its deep house framework, which Farsight tears right off its hinges in his ramped-up remix. 

‘Don’t You’ is a jacking drum workout – all frantic toms, snapping hats and pounding kicks. Proper funk fuel. 

The ‘Piano Bros’ EP will be released on 5th January. Pre-order it here.

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