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Premiere: Henzo ‘A Healthy Fear Of Snakes (Down The Sewer Mix)’

Manchester’s Henzo returns to YCO’s stomping ground with a deadly trio of murky bass variations on ‘The Prowl’

Photo of Henzo wearing a black cap and an orange jumper

The next release on BFTT and aya’s YCO imprint comes from Henzo, whose ‘The Prowl’ EP lands this Friday. Listen to ‘A Healthy Fear Of Snakes (Down The Sewer Mix)’ below.

Building on the breakneck productions of ‘YCO004’, which landed via the label last year, the MCR producer serves up a deadly mix of murky dubstep variations.

‘Cheapest Reverb’ launches the three-track offensive, which comes pre-loaded with all the dark, swooping basslines and slinky rhythms the Strange Riddims crew member has built his career on.

Reaching deeper into the diverse roots of UK underground dance music, ‘A Healthy Fear Of Snakes (Down The Sewer Mix)’ saunters between finely-tuned bass and deep, steppy house, embracing all the percussive urges of his 2022 K Wata remix but with a bracing subtlety.

The EP’s peak has to be its title track, though – a proper eye-twitching, dubby bubbler that marries its limber rhythmic backbone with sub-bass pulses and featherweight drum work that reverberates around the cranium. Shuddery and neurotic yet with a precision to rival the scene’s best, ‘The Prowl’ is Henzo at his most convincing.

Henzo featured on Facta and K-LONE’s recent Wisdom Teeth compilation, ‘To Illustrate’, alongside Nick Léon, Salamanda, Yushh, Hussko, and Iglew. Revisit DJ Mag’s The Sound Of label feature spotlighting Wisdom Teeth. 

‘The Prowl’ lands on 14th July, pre-order it here. Listen to ‘A Healthy Fear Of Snakes (Down The Sewer Mix)’ below.