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Eoin Murray
4 April 2023, 12:14

Premiere: Isola ‘Heaven’

Isola explores the heart flutters of new love through velvety dub techno on her debut album for smartdumb 

A black and white low fidelity shot of ISOLA with a hazy pink effect

Isola will release her debut album from Isola this month via newly launched Los Angeles label, smartdumb. Listen to ‘Heaven’ below. 

Following the release of her debut EP on the label in 2020, the artist and synthesist develops her potent mix of minimal house, dub techno and blissed-out ambient pop across nine tracks that, as the album’s press text explains, explore the giddy feelings of falling in love. 

Working closely with producer and smartdumb founder Nick Sylvester, who is also co-founder of the Godmode label and has previously collaborated with stars including Yaeji and Channel Tres, Isola pours her velvety vocals over buoyant beats; these tracks introduce a heart-fluttering intimacy to their expansive melodic atmosphere, a feeling like a hand brushing against another, gazing out at a sun-dappled landscape. 

Written after relocating from her former home in the Las Vegas desert to the farmlands of West Virginia, ‘LP1’ is the first album to be released on smartdumb, a label that Sylvester describes as “a home for music that starts with a question mark and ends with an exclamation point.”

‘LP1’ will be released on 28th April. Pre-order it here