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Eoin Murray
10 March 2023, 11:15

Premiere: Kasra V ’Voice Note To Self (Byron & Roza Remix)’

Kasra V channels early Chemical Brothers and blissful breakbeat trickery for his first EP in five years on Berlin’s Radiant Records

Premiere: Kasra V ’Voice Note To Self (Byron & Roza Remix)’

Kasra V will release a new EP, ‘Hyperdelic’, via Berlin’s Radiant Records this month. Listen to a remix of ‘’Voice Note To Self’ by label co-founder Byron Yeates and Roza Terenzi below. 

It marks the Iran-born, London-based DJ, producer and NTS resident’s first solo EP in five years, following 2018’s blissful breakbeat suite ‘Asaka’, and feels like a natural evolution for his style. Four original tracks flesh out the razor-sharp drum science of his previous releases, manipulating boom bap, bruk and borderline block rockin’ beats into fresh, kinetic forms. 

From the mood-building groove of ‘Voice Note To Self’ – complete with cinematic bass swells, guitar squeals and animated samples – and the bubbling half-time jungle rumble of ‘Vesper’, to the acid-dipped, electro-singed chug of closers ‘Night Prime’ and ‘Warm Up Great’, this is an EP that will delight fans of the Radiant/Planet Euphorique/Salt Mines sonic universe, as well as classic Chems heads. 

Yeates and Terenzi’s remix of ‘Voice Note To Self…’ ups the tempo and velocity of the original, taking it to the rave with a buoyant beat and glitchy bass groove. 

'Hyperdelic' will be released on 16th March. Pre-order it here