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Olivia Stock
14 March 2024, 16:30

Premiere: Klein Zage and Joey G ii ‘Folks Not Guys (Ariel Zetina Remix)’

Spoken-word vocals meet shimmering beatscapes on the new EP from Klein Zage and Joey G ii for Rhythm Section. Hear Ariel Zetina’s trippy rework of ‘Folks Not Guys’

Composite image of Ariel Zetina, Klein Zage and Joey G ii

Klein Zage and Joey G ii have joined forces for a new EP, titled ‘New Cross to Ridgewood’ on Rhythm Section, accompanied by three eccentric remixes. Listen to Ariel Zetina’s rework of ‘Folks Not Guys’ below.

The six-tracker marks a return to the stripped-back sounds Zage became known for in her early career on Orphan Records – including her 2019 ‘Womanhood’ EP – with the addition of tantalising breaks from label co-founder, Joey G II. Inspired by the duo’s time living together in South London, ‘New Cross to Ridgewood’ is a wistful fusion of Zage’s spoken-word vocals and shimmering, mirage-like beatscapes that threaten to evaporate as quickly as they surface.

From the shuffling grooves and addictive repeated refrain – “I make a living out of forgiving” – of ‘Folks Not Guys’, to the ethereal ambient tangents of ‘A Little Dissonance’ and ‘The Commute’, this is undoubtedly both artists at the peak of their powers.

The EP also features the return of the three remixers who graced Zage’s 2019 EP: Chicago’s Ariel Zetina, NYC heavyweight DJ Python, alongside Rhythm Section alumni Local Artist. Zetina’s rework of ‘Folks Not Guys’ is the pick of the bunch, with its lush yet rollicking blend of high-tempo percussion and trippy textures. Magic!

‘New Cross to Ridgewood’ is out 22nd March via Rhythm Section. Pre-order the EP here, and have an exclusive first listen to Ariel Zetina’s rework of ‘Folks Not Guys’ below.