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Eoin Murray
29 January 2024, 16:41

Premiere: Krithi ‘Knock Back’

Chennai-born, Brooklyn-based Krithi reflects on emotional coping mechanisms through fusions of dubstep, garage, kuduro and more on her new six-track EP

Photo of Krithi sitting on a black bench at night in front of a yellow and brown patterned curtain

Krithi will release a new EP, ‘Coping Mechanisms’, in February. Listen to ‘Knock Back’ below. 

The Chennai-born, Brooklyn-based producer and DJ’s latest self-released suite comprises six cuts of percussive, bass-focused club music, each representing a different tactic she has previously used in response to depression. From the depth-charge dubstep and dark garage snap of ‘Suppress’ and ‘Knock Back’ to the agitated fusions of grime, kuduro, drill and dembow in ‘Confront’ and ‘Medicate’, Krithi conjures these mental states adroitly, but with enough subtlety for the tracks to work as straight-up sound system scorchers too. 

The EP’s final tracks, ‘Ruminate’ and ‘Meditate’, move with an ever-so-slightly lighter step, with glimmers of light emerging from between the booming kicks and percussive flourishes of South Indian Kuthu music. 

‘Coping Mechanisms’ is mastered by The Bronx's El Blanco Niño, and follows Krithi’s previous appearances on labels such as Bubblin’ and Daytimers. 

The EP will be released on 15th February. Pre-order it here.