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Eoin Murray
23 May 2024, 15:03

Premiere: Ma Sha & Sobolik ‘Liftoff’

Kindergarten Records returns with a five-track suite of leftfield club music that puts the emphasis on club

Ma Sha And Sobolik standing side by side in front of a steel fence

Kindergarten Records returns in June with a new EP from label founder Ma Sha and Sobolik. Listen to their collaborative track, ‘Liftoff’, below.

Following its recent fundraising compilation for Palestine and ‘Jasper’ EP from Stolen Velour, the imprint returns to its split release series, serving up five tempo-surfing leftfield club tracks that put the emphasis on the club part.

Kindergarten Records has consistently maintained this emphasis; as label affiliate Ayesha has put it in the past, this is “body over mind music”. The hyperkinetic drums, morphing bass and freewheeling bleeps, bloops and zaps that fill its catalogue relish in experimentalism and play, sure, but never at the expense of dancefloor physicality. It’s a strength that Sobolik and Ma Sha play to here, serving up two fine examples each alongside ‘Liftoff’, which charges forward with strobing drums and bass, looping vocal glitches and warped LFO wobbles. 

Flirting with electro, d&b and mutant techno a lá Rhyw and Doctor Jeep, ‘Slipstreaming’ hits the sweet spot between the body and the brain. It’s another shapeshifting gem in the Kindergarten crown.

‘Slipstreaming’ will be released on 14th June. Pre-order it here.

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