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Eoin Murray
23 March 2022, 12:49

Premiere: Magari ‘Don't Touch (Demi Riquísimo Remix)’

PBR Streetgang’s Bonar Bradberry debuts on Midnight People as Magari, bringing three cuts of moody new wave and Italo disco. Hear Semi-delicious’ Demi Riquísimo’s remix of ‘Don’t Touch’ now

Premiere: Magari ‘Don't Touch (Demi Riquisimo Remix)’

PBR Streetgang’s Bonar Bradberry will release a new EP under his Magari alias on London’s Midnight People label this Friday (25th March).

‘The Rivazzurra EP’ finds Magari injecting his crunchy cosmic disco trademark with a vintage flair, leaning heavily into classic new wave and nostalgic Italo. There’s a timeless quality to these tracks, with their dramatic synths and hooky vocals, but the heavy low-end bass growls ensure that their anthemic vibes will hit home on any dancefloor. 

Semi-delicious label founder Demi Riquísimo caps the release off with a rowdy, ramped-up house remix of ‘Don’t Touch’. You can hear that below, ahead of the EP’s full release on Friday. 

Pre-order ‘The Rivazzurra EP’ here