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Eoin Murray
27 June 2022, 12:37

Premiere: Maya Q ‘beno (soft)’

Endless Mow and Maya Q serve up psychedelic UK funky and sci-fi-esque garage on their new EP for all centre

Premiere: Maya Q ‘beno (soft)’

The next release on London label all centre is a two-track split EP from Endless Mow and Maya Q. Listen to the latter’s ‘beno (soft)’ below.

Both artists have released on the label before, and embody its penchant for club music that pulls lovingly from UK styles, but tilts things subtly into the left field. Endless Mow, whose 2021 EP ‘spellcasters’ put a magical spin on UK funky rhythms, pulls off a similar trick on ‘Merrily, I hastened to the chicken shoppe’, decorating bouncy, syncopated percussion with sparkling keys and an evocative melody.

Maya Q, who appeared in DJ Mag’s monthly emerging artists feature after the release of her last all centre EP, ‘I just wanna’, delivers a driving club cut built on a nimble two-step beat. Dizzy synths and psychedelic vocal chops swerve about on a rumbling sub-bass. If Endless Mow’s track is a fantasy take on funky, Maya Q’s ‘beno (soft)’ feels like a sci-fi  garage switch-up. Check it out below.

‘Merrily, I hastened to the chicken shoppe / beno (soft)’ will be released on 1st July. Pre-order it here.

Photo credit: Marijn van Haaren