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Eoin Murray
29 November 2023, 14:11

Premiere: Melania .‘Ultra Instinct’

Berlin-based Polish artist Melania . returns after six years with a new label, and an EP filled with euphoric driving techno

Premiere: Melania. ‘Ultra Instinct’

Melania . launches her new label, Bunkai Terepōto, this week with a new EP. Listen to ‘Ultra Instinct’ below. 

The Berlin-based Polish DJ and producer’s first solo EP in six years marks the beginning of a new chapter in her work. Maintaining the industrial techno thrust of her previous releases and remixes, the six tracks of ‘Ultra Instincts’ inject euphoric intensity and experimental rhythms into the mix. ‘Aligning With The Pace’ wraps a foamy blanket of synth around its stuttering kickdrums, which Brodinski strips all the way back in his remix. ‘Empowerment’ charges forward at a peak-time gallops, doused in distorted melodies.

Fly Butterfly Up To The Sky’ keeps that momentum going, stitching subtle footwork jerks and choral trance maximalism through its thunderous techno beat, while the title track ends things on a similarly climactic high. 

‘Ultra Instincts’ will be released on 1st December. Buy it here