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Eoin Murray
8 February 2023, 16:09

Premiere: Nick León ‘Love Potion’

Nick León and DJ Python join forces for a four-track split on Worldwide Unlimited 

Premiere: Nick León ‘Love Potion’
Credit: Anastasiya Verbytskaya

Nick León and DJ Python will release a new split EP this week via the latter’s Worldwide Unlimited label. Listen to León’s ‘Love Potion’ below. 

Coming off the back of co-curating a residency, suero, at Miami’s Floyd club last year, the duo serve up four cuts of futuristic dembow, twisty electro-fied reggaeton and protean electronic psychedelia. 

Individually, León and Python, aka Brian Piñeyro, have spent what’s fast approaching a decade developing personalised takes on electronic music that pull lovingly from Latin American styles. From his base in Miami, the former produces laser-focused and percussive club music informed by tribal guarachero and reggaeton, appearing on labels including NAAFI and Tra Tra Trax. His track ‘Xtasis’ with Venezuelan raptor house pioneer DJ Babatr was one of our favourites of 2022

Queens-based Piñeyro meanwhile, has steadily cultivated his atmospheric, dembow-centred “deep reggaeton” sound on albums ‘Dulce Compa​ñ​ia’ and ‘Mas Amable’ for Anthony Naples’ Incienso label. Last year, he and Naples put together a collection of introspective electronic music for the Air Texture label, which DJ Mag had as its compilation of the month in June 

Here, León and Python strike an expert balance between deep, vibey zones and dancefloor NRG. León errs toward the latter on ‘Nerves’ and ‘Love Potion’, but there’s an intoxicating quality to their thumping rhythms and hazy sound designs. Python dives further into the weird dream space on ‘I’m Tired’ and ‘uwu’, mixing tresillo glitches and woozy sirens into an otherworldly club brew. 

Nick León and DJ Python's split EP will be released on 10th February. Pre-order it here