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Eoin Murray
1 February 2024, 11:17

Premiere: OS:MAN & FENDI-K ‘Total 90 (Tim Reaper Remix)’

Tim Reaper dishes up an off the richter jungle remix on Motive Hunter Audio

Two black and white photos side by side f OS MAN Fendi K and Tim Reaper DJing

The next release on London label Motive Hunter Audio is a collaborative single from founder OS:MAN and FENDI-K called ‘Total 90’. Have an exclusive first listen to Tim Reaper’s remix of the track below. 

Hot on the heels of NECTAX’s January EP, ‘PLAYTIME IS OVER’ – which DJ Mag described as a suite of “premium modern jungle, all crisp, lively breaks, filter sweeps and gentle sub pulses” – this new single maintains that momentum and then some. A fast and techy four-to-the-floor pulse carries crunchy dub echoes and nostalgic rave samples into a flurry of breaks, which bounce around one another with sample-scrolling urgency. Fun and feverish in equal measure.  

Reaper’s remix goes crazier still, turning the dial up on the breaks blender until it starts to smoke. A dizzy swirl of zapping bass gives way to one of those low-end riffs that will leave no head unscrambled on the dancefloor. Reaper’s hit rate is already off the charts, but even by his standards, this is ridiculous. 

Speaking about the release, OS:MAN said: “FENDI-K was the first jungle artist to ever release on Motive Hunter back in 2022. He’s believed in the label from the get go, and has been an incredible asset to us as an artist and a true friend to myself. It feels like a full-circle moment how the tenth release is a collaboration between us, and backed by the undeniably powerful Tim Reaper remix on the B-Side. An artist myself and Finn have looked up to for a long time, he has been incredibly supportive in both our careers. 

“As this landmark release drops, I want to take a moment to thank every artist for their collective talent in helping me build the label into what it is today. It’s a true honour to operate in today’s jungle scene and sonically contribute to the conversation.”

‘Total 90’ will be released tomorrow (2nd February). Pre-order/save it here.

There’s a launch party for the single this Saturday (3rd) at Planet Wax.