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Eoin Murray
24 May 2023, 17:52

Premiere: Paurro ‘Jingū Kogo / Emperatriz Jingū’

Mexico City’s Paurro serves up vibrant, quick-footed club music for festival season on SOS Music

Photo of Paurro sitting against a white wall in a red robe. She has red lipstick on and ornamental earrings

Paurro will debut on Maddy Maia and Tottie's SOS Music label in June with the ‘Onna​-​Bugeisha’ EP. Listen to opening track ‘Jingū Kogo / Emperatriz Jingū’ below. 

The Mexico City-based artist, who featured as one of our emerging artists you need to hear back in December, follows her October 2022 EP for Cómeme with four cuts of irresistably sharp dance music. Playing, as ever, with influences ranging from classic house and breakbeat to technicolor techno and UKG, these tracks further exemplify Paurro’s knack for putting a futuristic sheen on vintage rave sounds. 

‘Jingū Kogo / Emperatriz Jingū’, which opens the EP, is arguably her most accomplished track to date; a near nine-minute epic that begins with field recordings of chirping birds and sparse chimes, before a rumble of hand percussion and animalistic sounds emerges from the undergrowth. It pulls you into its lush landscape before sprinting off on a quick-footed garage beat, peppered with growling bass and shimmering, synthesised vocal chops. This is agile, vibrantly colourful music with a firm dancefloor backbone; listening to it feels like racing through a jungle full of life and flowering vegetation. Fans of Four Tet’s clubbier tunes will find a lot to love here, and we expect to be hearing it pop up at plenty of festivals this summer. 

‘Onna​-​Bugeisha’ will be released on 16th June. Pre-order it here