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Ben Hindle
16 February 2023, 10:44

Premiere: Sobolik ‘Cope’

Sobolik debuts on Kindergarten Records with four hyperkinetic club dazzlers

Premiere: Sobolik ‘Cope’
Credit: Aubrey Jowers

Sobolik debuts on NYC’s Kindergarten Records this month with the ‘Packet Less’ EP. Listen to ‘Cope’ below. 

Following appearances on All Centre (which they co-run), early reflex, Woozy and 3024, the fast-rising producer slots perfectly into Kindergarten’s catalogue of hyperkinetic dancefloor dazzlers with this four-tracker. ‘Update’ opens with effervescent percussion and elastic low-end, while ‘Cope’ sounds like a game of ping-pong played on underwater steelpans. The gruff kicks of ‘Airplane Mode’ and descending digi dancehall of ‘Fk Around And Find Out’ complete a truly wild collection.

In Sobolik’s own words, Packet Loss “expresses the tension between joy and discomfort, and roots itself firmly in the dancefloor to reflect its powerful role in [my] life as a site of becoming, healing, and catharsis.”

‘Packet Less’ will be released tomorrow, 17th February. Pre-order it here. 

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