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Eoin Murray
1 February 2023, 15:20

Premiere: Syz ‘Ozmogolikan’

Syz debuts on Banoffee Pies with five hybridised techno jams with a bass-fuelled flourish

Premiere: Syz ‘Ozmogolikan’

Syz will release a new EP, ‘Headspin’, via Banoffee Pies this month. Listen to ‘Ozmogolikan’ below. 

Following appearances on labels including Pressure Dome, Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy’s Peach Discs, and Method Lab, the London-based DJ and producer dishes up five hybridised techno tracks that drink deep from the bass-filled wells of garage, dubstep and snappy broken-beat. It’s a perfect fit for the Banoffee Pies catalogue, which boasts releases from fellow genre alchemists Nikki Nair, Cassius Select and Tristan Arp, and will delight fans of Interplanetary Criminal and Main Phase who like their sub-bass swoops with an added techno bite. 

Speaking about ‘Headspin’, Syz says: "The release is a collage of 5 tracks solely built for the dancefloor. Focusing on a bass-driven, oddball, techno/dubstep-influenced sound with a grimey finish. 

On ‘Ozmogolikan’, Syz says it “was a word that my old dear referred to me on the phone once. I had to double take on what she'd just called me, of course. The complete randomness of it reminded me of this weird chaotic track I was making so it seemed a good fit. Peculiar sounds and phrases have always tickled me, and seem to have unconsciously weaved their way into the music I make."

‘Headspin’ will be released on 16th February. Pre-order it here