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Eoin Murray
27 April 2023, 16:47

Premiere: Yunna ‘Day’

Yunna explores reincarnation, self-acceptance and ravey, bass-heavy club hybrids on her debut EP for Worst Behavior Recs

Photo of Yunna with her head tilted slightly back and her eyes closed. She's in a garden in front of dark green hedges and a flower

Worst Behavior Recs will release the debut EP from Taiwan-born, LA-based artist Yunna, titled ‘Rinne’, next week. Listen to the opening track, ‘Day’, below. 

The label co-run by Anna Morgan and Bell Curve’s first release of 2023 is a reintroduction of sorts for the artist, who spent a number of years spinning jungle, bass, breaks, footwork and more as Wolfbaby. With an alchemical blend of classic rave sounds and on-the-pulse genre hybrids, those styles beam across the five tracks of ‘Rinne’, which takes its name from the Japanese word for reincarnation.

For Yunna, ‘Rinne’ represents a key chapter change in her artistic journey, which has encompassed periods as a "classically-trained musician, raver, promoter, fashion designer, and more". Describing her artist name change as a way of reclaiming her Asian roots, the writing and release of ‘Rinne’ has been inspired by Yunna’s path to self-acceptance and love, becoming a mother, the “eternal cycles of birth, death, and rebirth” understood by Buddhism, and Japanese music collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s 1986 album, ‘Rinne Kokyogaku’

This all culminates in a release that feels loose and liberated: proper vintage hardcore and jungle gear with a modern melodic gloss, field recording and flute-sampling dubstep, and a soulful juke/bruk finish.  

‘Rinne’ will be released on 3rd May. Pre-order it here

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