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Style Spotlight with Adryiano, Teki Latex and NAINA | Fashion

Each month, DJ Mag UK's fashion editor Amy Fielding catches up with some of our favourite artists to talk about all things style. Check out our recent interviews with Shall Not Fade affiliate Adryiano, Paris-based DJ/producer Teki Latex and Beats 1 Radio's NAINA


Brixton-based DJ NAINA has been a host on Reprezent 107.3FM for the best part of a decade, and a presenter for Beats 1 radio for the past three years as well. Pushing a wide range of underground electronic music, she’s also made two rowdy appearances herself on Boiler Room, and had guest slots on stations such as 4Music, Rinse FM, NTS, and BBC 1Xtra. Most recently, NAINA launched her new imprint Hooversound, alongside Six Figure Gang’s SHERELLE, who’s also a resident on Reprezent. Hooversound’s first release came courtesy of Sinistarr and Hyroglifics earlier this year, with a remix from Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA. The label’s next release, this time from Private Caller and Mani Festo, will land on 13th November on vinyl and digital, and in the meantime you can check out NAINA’s ‘Music To Dance To’ playlist on Apple Music. For now, NAINA is currently taking a break in Ibiza, where she’s enjoying some time in the sun away from the madness of South London.

Tell us about this outfit!

Black Nike Crop Top (Nike)
“I love how Nike is so much more than just a sports brand... I’m a bit of a trainer geek and Nike is one of my favs to rep whether it’s trackies, kicks or t-shirts.”

Black jersey flippy suit shorts (ASOS)
“Everyone knows I wear a lot of black — it’s sort of my look. I like these because they’re smart-casual and great for all different types of weather.”

Burberry vintage shirt (Donn Clothing)
“Love a bit of Burberry! This is a great vintage piece, works over most outfits and is such a recognisable and iconic print!”

Dr Martens flatform Sinclair boots (Dr Martens)
“I LOVE these. I’m not a heels girl, so these are perfect with dresses to add some height, especially when DJing!” 

MinkPink Recall flat top yellow sunglasses (ASOS) 
“These are really fun and retro... I have so many sunglasses it’s silly.”

What’s your inspiration when you're choosing outfits?

“I like to make a statement and look unique like most people do. I go a bit goth in terms of black clothes and dark lippy, with one jazzy item and then finish it off with a statement, like some very loud trainers, black DMs or a funky jacket.” 

Is there anyone over the years whose style you’ve really loved?

“Gwen Stefani is one of my idols — her looks from No Doubt to more recent years are iconic. She made me start wearing bindis (and not just at Indian weddings haha). MIA is my true queen — I love how she uses her style to show hints of her heritage. Her Versace Versus line inspired by the bootleg Versace sold on market stools in Harrow was incredible.”

Follow NAINA on Instagram and Twitter at @naina_LDN


Cologne-based DJ and producer Adryiano first broke onto the scene in the early 2010s, producing Chicago-influenced house tracks and simmering lo-fi beats for labels like Skylax Records and Soul Notes music. In more recent years, he’s graced beloved booths from Fabric to Watergate, and found a solid home for his upbeat productions on Bristol imprint Shall Not Fade. With no less than five EPs released via the label across the past two years, one including the producer’s biggest track, ‘Dreams With’, ‘Want U 2 Feel’, dropped at the start of this year, and was followed by three self-released records: ‘EPIC BIG ROOM ANTHEMS 4 PARKING LOTS’, ‘SENSUAL MUSIC 2 DANCE TO’, and ‘100% AUTHENTIC VIP LOUNGE TRAXX’. There’s plenty more to come, too. After spending much of 2020 under a travel ban, Adryiano has been spending a lot of time “confined to the studio”, and is set to release a host of new material in early 2021.We spoke to Adryiano at his home in Cologne, about a passion for skateboarder fashion, and why big labels aren't always best.

Tell us about this outfit!

Womens Oversized Puffer Jacket (Uniqlo)
“Last winter when I was playing in London I lost my jacket. As it was freezing cold I had to quickly scout a new one and ended up finding this almost tent-sized puffer jacket in Uniqlo’s women’s department. It didn’t only save my life, but became my favourite jacket for really cold days.”

Classic Fleece Jacket (Snow Peak)
“I bought this fleece jacket after searching for something mid layer-ish. It kind of makes you look like you’ve gotten off track while hiking through the Alps, but I like functional clothes with a simple design approach, so this was a nice addition.”

Heavy Blend Hoodie (Gildan)
“Over the years this hoodie has become my favourite. It might not be the most boujee one, but I really like the fit and feel. Also, you don’t really need to spend $200+ for some mass-produced low quality hype piece that Youtubers are doing a ‘Latest Pick Up’ video about.”

Ripstop Shirred Waist Pants (The North Face Purple Label)
“The Purple Label division of The North Face is a collaboration of TNF and Japanese brand Nanamica. The garments usually have a very loose fit and are typically functional. Got them through a Japanese online store and luckily ordered the right size.”

Nepenthes x Reebok Workout (Reebok)
“I got these in New York and they turned out to be one of the most comfy sneakers for long city strolls, DJ gigs and travelling in general. I actually even bought two pairs — which I rarely do. One pair is already beaten down, but the other one’s still hella crispy.“

What’s your style inspiration when you’re choosing outfits?

“I like comfortable clothes that tend to be quite large, preferably without any logos. I’m not too much into obvious branding and prefer to keep things simple. When it comes to inspiration, I like to dig in different directions — whether it’s Japanese street style, traditional American work wear or ‘90s skateboarding. It’s just like with life in general, for me personally it’s about experimenting and finding an interesting mixture.”

Is there anyone over the years whose style you’ve really loved?

“A wild blend of 1999 Fred Durst crossing DNA with skateboarder Tom Penny, Robert Rabensteiner, and Alessandro Michele.”

If you could own one garment that you currently don’t, what would it be and why?

“I’m actually quite happy with what I have.“

Follow Adryiano in Instagram at @adyriano

Teki Latex

Paris-based DJ, producer and Sound Pellegrino co-founder, Teki Latex, spent his early days as a rapper over 20 years ago, before moving into a more club-focused career. Nowadays, he’s known as the “king of blends”, masterfully mixing everything from avant-garde electronica to certified garage and hip-hop heaters. Born in the French capital, the DJ, real name Julien Pradeyrol, is also curator for Boiler Room France, and more recently joined the likes of Eris Drew & Octo Octa, Denis Sulta and Sherelle as a host on BBC Radio 1’s Residency shows. Prior to winding down amid the pandemic, Teki took his vibrant and eclectic sets to festivals like Brunch In The City, Unsound and Kallida, and teamed up with Digging in The Carts music historian, Nick Dwyer, for ‘Teki and Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure’ — a collection of video game soundtracks, hip-hop acapellas and bass-heavy dance music. We caught up with Teki at home in Paris to talk about his love of streetwear.

Tell us about this outfit!

Grey Mask (Meanswhile)
“During lockdown I was playing Animal Crossing, and re-creating some of my favourite outfits to dress my avatar, including some from Japanese brand Meanswhile. They saw it, contacted me, and asked if they could hire me to recreate more of their clothes in the game. I did it, and as thanks, they sent a bunch of stuff including a backpack made from spectra ripstop, a technical hat, and that amazing face mask.”

Fishing vest (Filson)
“Filson is a ‘heritage’ American outdoor brand. Nowadays, every designer is making ‘utility vests’ that are just rip-offs of the classic. I’ve been rocking vests like this for years and people thought I was crazy, now everyone has one. I got this one at the Brokedown Palace in London.”

White/grey digital camo jacket (The North Face) 
“I bought this in 2002 at The North Face Harajuku flagship store the first time I played in Tokyo. I’ll never forget it, I really wanted to get a North Face jacket no one else had. 18 years later, I’m still rocking it. It’s super solid and it has that sort of proto-techwear style people seem to be looking for now.”

Green Pants (Gramicci)
“Just some good old Gramicci Pants I bought in Paris the other day. I have a ton of Nike ACG trail pants, but I have a big personal problem with cross-branding. So if I'm wearing New Balances, like, today, I can't have a Nike piece in the same outfit. These Gramicci pants are the next best thing.”

Shoes (New Balance Design Studio x Snowpeak) 
“I bought these online the other day. This collaboration between New Balance and Snowpeak is absolutely incredible. It's two shoes in one: you can switch between two booties that connect to the same exoskeleton in order to transform the shoe from a rugged boot (as pictured) to an outdoor mule ideal for chillin’ at your basecamp after a day of hiking (or going out for a minute to get your morning baguette in rainy Paris).”

What’s your inspiration when you're choosing outfits?

“I tap into an abstract flow of energy, which is the same as the one which inspires me when I select music and blends. It's also connected to food and ingredients, the idea of assembling together things that are bigger or ‘more impactful’ than the sum of their parts. It’s subconsciously informed by years of looking at ‘90s/’00s rap videos and Japanese outerwear magazines, as well as images of pop culture, Robin Williams outfits, Seinfeld episodes, Patagonia ads.”

Is there anyone over the years whose style you’ve really loved?

“Armand Van Helden is a dapper God. In recent years young stylists and designers like Jordan Page, Phillip T Annand and Nicolas ‘Yuthanan’ Chalmeau.”

If you could own one garment that you currently don't, what would it be?

“The recent Futurelight version of the 94 Himalayan down jacket by The North Face.”

Follow Teki Latex on Instagram and Twitter at @TekiLatex

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Amy Fielding is DJ Mag's fashion editor. Follow her on Twitter @amebbbb