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Courtesy announces new EP, 'Violence of the Moodboard', on Kulør

The release is partly inspired by an essay on fashion and copyright infringement 

Courtesy Violence of the Moodboard EP

Courtesy has announced a EP, 'Violence of the Moodboard', which will be released on 21st April via own imprint, Kulør. You can listen to the lead single, a cover of L.S.G.'s classic 'Hearts', below. 

The full release is a follow up to the Danish artist's 2022 debut outing, 'Night Journeys' and once again finds her opting for ambient soundscapes contrasting her club sets. 

According to a press release, the EP's title takes inspiration from an essay by fashion critic and curator Jeppe Ugelvig, 'Adam Pendleton and the Issue of Originality in the Digital Age'. The text focuses on copyright infringement and the use of uncredited photos on moodboards. Although not on public display, these cut and paste displays of ideas provide jumping off points for clothing designers looking to create new collections. 

Comprising three tracks linked to work Courtesy was commissioned to make for fashion-adjacent projects, the release comes with cover art by friend and collaborator Sofia Defino Leiby. The imagery, 'Passion 82', was produced using a number of techniques, including screenprinting and collage, and nods to the advertising pages of glossy magazines and the act of 'moodboarding' itself. 

Last summer, KMRU, Jessy Lanza, Schacke and DJ IBON featured on a remix collection of Courtesy's 'Night Journeys'

Courtesy Violence of the Moodboard artwork
Sofia Defino Leiby.