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Marissa Cetin
16 January 2024, 18:39

Courtesy launches new label, Against Interpretation, shares single featuring Klō: Listen

The Danish artist closes the door on her acclaimed Kulør label and shifts towards a greater range of "high impact" genres and BPMs for her new outlet 

Courtesy launches new label, Against Interpretation, shares single featuring Klō: Listen
Credit: Liv Latricia Habel

Courtesy is winding down her acclaimed techno label Kulør and launching a new imprint called Against Interpretation. Listen to the first single, 'Let the Music Hypnotise You', featuring Klō, below. 

The Copenhagen artist is looking to expand the breadth of her output with the new label, following her ambient-inspired debut album, 'fra eufori', last September. "Over the last year I have loved meeting young dancers and DJs, who I see are open to different genres of dance music and who, like me, believe that high impact on dance floors can come from many different sources and BPMs", she said in a press statement. "The future in dance music is eclectic and I have made Against Interpretation for it."

"I want to thank the long list of musicians, producers, and visual artists who have contributed to Kulør over the years", she added. Since launching in 2018 as a multidisciplinary outlet to highlight the trance-inspired Danish techno scene, Kulør has released music by the likes of Schacke, Kasper Marott, Sugar, Rune Bagge and more. Courtesy's last releases on the label were her 2022 'Night Journeys' EP and 2023 'Violence of the Moodboard' EP. 

To launch Against Interpretation, Courtesy has released the 'Let the Music Hypnotise You' single, featuring French singer and DJ Klō, aka Soyklō. The track gets a club and radio edit and leans into '90s house and rave. She shared a "huge thanks" to Tiarnan McMorrow, aka Spray, for collaborating on the single's production. 

Courtesy said the name for the label is pulled from a 1964 essay by the late American author and intellectual Susan Sontag, "which I have been reading obsessively lately. The themes of the text may or may not be relevant for this announcement, I will let the dedicated reader decide."

In July, Courtesy teamed up with Ukrainian performance artists Dim and DimEttra to raise money for the K41 Community Fund with the merch-focused project Merch Ltd. Ukraine

Listen to 'Let the Music Hypnotise You'.