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Premiere: Adam X ‘Recon Mission’

Adam X returns with his first LP in four years on his own Sonic Groove imprint, ‘Recon Mission’. The title track and its accompanying video is visceral, dark and intense EBM at its finest…

EBM extraordinaire Adam X will release his first LP in four years, ‘Recon Mission’, via his own Sonic Groove imprint this Thursday 1st November.

The New York legend continues his ambitious ethos of creating EDM and techno that is industrial, brutal and vivid on this LP while always placing an emphasis on imagery and theme. Over its heavy 56 minutes, ‘Recon Mission’ conjures images of “paranormal illusions of Easter island mythology and Bermuda Triangle disappearances”, according to the album’s press release.

“Climbing forward the album crosses the line into harder industrial territories,” the text continues. “Conjuring visions of New York City‘s dystopian past and CIA shadow government experiments”.

Featuring spectral, absorbing vocals from Adam X himself along with the masterful production, this is an album that pulls no punches and demands the listener’s full attention. Groundbreaking, forward facing EBM like no other.

The corresponding video for the title track, directed by Rocco und seine Brüder, is equally dark and engaging in its narrative of what appears to be an actual recon mission. You can watch it below as well as listening to the track exclusively on our Soundcloud. 

Pre-order 'Recon Mission' here