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Barcelona-based producer, Aire, readies the release of ‘JMA’ on Glacial Industries. ‘SELECCION TEMPORAL’ is all melancholic electronics with nods to dubstep and UK hip-hop…

Aire premiere Glacial Industries
Aire premiere Glacial Industries

Aire will release his new seven-track collection ‘JMA’ on 16th November via Glacial Industries.

The Barcelona-based artist veers from ambient sound design and noise to UK hip-hop and dubstep throughout the release, one that is described as an “odyssey that documents the producers emotional, internal battles with himself”.

The emotional candour of the release is prominent as distorted and at times anguished melodies stab their way into the mix atop brutal, bassy rhythmic passages.

‘SELECCION TEMPORAL’, the penultimate track on the release, is frosty and melancholic, channeling the sort of intensity normally reserved for running home through a blizzard. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘JMA’ here.