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Premiere: AIROD 'Purple Paradise'

Parisian DJ and producer AIROD will release his debut album 'Burn Injury' later this month. Listen to the futuristic synth and broken beats on LP closer 'Purple Paradise' now

AIROD will release his debut album later this month.

With his last release incoming via Amelie Lens' Lenske imprint in 2019, Parisian DJ/producer AIROD will release 'Burn Injury' via Paris-based techno imprint, Molekül.

A dynamic full-length debut, 'Burn Injury', incoming on both digital and vinyl, is some of AIROD's most complex work to date. Opening with a haunting, trap-infused track before diving straight into hardcore rave nostalgia, the album steps outside the boundaries of standard techno, even dipping into the realms of gabber and drum & bass.

A stand-out from 'Burn Injury' is the LP closer, 'Purple Paradise'. Layering sublime, sci-fi synth work on broken beats, AIROD conjures an atmosphere that feels both chaotic and soothing all at once.

“The album is a kind of introspection into the life of a Man," the producer says. "With a dark & melancholic atmosphere, each track reflects an important stage in a person's evolution and symbolizes different life processes such as learning, disappointment, sin."

Listen to 'Purple Paradise' below and pre-order 'Burn Injury', out on the 31st January, here