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Premiere: Alexander Church ‘Oedipus Complex (James Welsh version)’

Alexander Church continues his Exploring Fear and Sadness EP series with two transportive melodic techno cuts. Hear Hypercolour affiliate James Welsh’s rework of ‘Oedipus Complex’ now

Alexander Church will release the third part of his Exploring Fear and Sadness EP series on the Configurations Of The Self label on 1st June.

Comprising two rolling, melodic tech-house cuts, the EP finds Church teaming up with producer and Hypercolour affiliate James Welsh, who steps up with two reworks of his own. 

Welsh takes the deep, transportive atmosphere of Church’s ‘Oedipus Complex’ and gives it a progressive, big-room spin, with a bouncier rhythm and a punchier bass groove underpinning its sci-fi synth motifs. Check it out below. 

Buy 'Exploring Fear and Sadness Part 3' here