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Premiere: Anetha ‘Ultra Speed Dating’

Anetha returns to her own Blocaus Series imprint with the ‘Bionic Romance’ EP. The aptly titled ‘Ultra Speed Dating’ is a cut of fast-paced, nerve wracking  techno…

As Paris’ Blocaus resident and a purveyor of relentless techno, Anetha has developed a formidable reputation on the European club circuit and beyond.

In a relatively short number of years the DJ/producer has become known for her incendiary sets that swerve from classic ‘90s belters and acid to brutal modern techno. Coupling that with a formative love of new wave acts for added melancholy, that propulsive energy has lead to a distinct atmosphere radiating from her sets and productions. With a year of extensive touring behind her that has seen her booked to play hallowed venues such as Berghain, Basiani, Concrete and many more, it’s hard to imagine her slowing down any time soon.

In 2016, she launched Blocaus Series, a label affiliated with the parties she had been helping run in Paris for four years. Now, after debuting on the label back then with its first release ‘Leftover Love’, Anetha returns with ‘Bionic Romance’, a four-track selection of urgent, hyperactive techno designed to launch dancefloors into dark, otherworldly dimension.

‘Ultra Speed Dating’ is aptly titled, as fast-paced and nerve wracking as its namesake would suggest with a brutal backbeat propelling its layers of distorted, minor melody. Intense stuff. Check it out below.

‘Bionic Romance’ is out on 23rd November. Pre-order it here.