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Premiere: Anunaku ‘Teleported’

Nervous Horizon co-founder TSVI returns as Anunaku with the ‘Stargate’ EP on Martyn’s 3024. Anatolian folk meets percussive rave rhythms on ‘Teleported’

Nervous Horizon’s TSVI will release his second EP as Anunaku next month via Martyn’s 3024. 

The three-track ‘Stargate’ EP follows the Italy-born, London-based DJ and producer’s debut on Whities under the same alias last October. It follows a similar theme, trading the complex, experimental sound design that fills his work as TSVI for headier, club-ready rhythms and infectious melodies. 

“After my album as TSVI was done back in 2018, I felt the urge to make some functional music which wasn’t necessarily focused on crazy sound designs or odd tempos, just percussive tracks ready-to-play between 125 and 128 bpm,” Anunaku tells DJ Mag about the project. “Right now, In terms of sound, what makes the two projects different is that with Anunaku the focus is more on finding a nice groove that works throughout the track and I usually use samples for melody and drums, as opposite with TSVI I’m using mainly VSTs for synthesis and a ton of Max4Live instruments and effects.”

Bursting with organic percussion and instrumental samples from musical traditions around the world, the ‘Stargate’ EP is another feat of top-class club music from the producer.

“The whole theme of the EP is inspired by one of my favourite movies, Stargate,” he tells us. “The Stargate is a portal which connects the earth to a distant world in a galaxy far away in the universe and this is what I wanted to achieve with the EP: sounds and rhythms from different parts of the world who wouldn’t normally work together, combined.” 

‘Teleported’, the EPs second track, finds the produer fuzing robust, deep rhythms with a melody palyed on the Zurna, a wind instrument typically used in Greek and Turkish folk music. Check it out below.

Looking ahead, Anunaku and previous DJ Mag Fresh Kicks mix selector and interviewee DJ Plead have a lot of collaborative work in the bank that we can expect to be released in the coming year.  As TSVI, the producer also a collaborative EP with yet another Fresh Kicks mixer, object blue, set to land on Nervous Horizon in the summer. 

The ‘Stargate’ EP is out on 3rd February. Pre-order it here

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